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I love clean living….farm fresh. Organic. Simple ingredients for both my belly and my body. I am not a big fan of being in the kitchen. I can cook…but it’s very basic.

I do, though, love to create my own spa & skincare products.

One of my favorites is my sweet orange and vanilla sugar scrub.

Here’s how I make it;

The ingredients are simple. Pick your favorite coconut oil, if you don’t have one I recommend the store brand where you grab your groceries. Because you aren’t ingesting it, you don’t necessarily need the super duper fancy version of it. Grab a bag of sugar. I use the generic white sugar as it’s inexpensive and it goes a long way. Plus it dissolves quickly in the shower.

Now the essential oils, you’ll get a different answer from about everyone you ask. All I can say is find the highest quality oils, that are great to use for skin and won’t lose any integrity if mixed with oil. I use the Sweet Orange mixed with Vanilla for my scrub. I put in Vitamin E to give my skin that extra bit of softness.


Grab a bowl and let’s get started. You’ll want something with a lid so the scent doesn’t fade away and the water from the shower stays out of the mixture.


I like to soften the coconut oil a bit so I can mix the sugar and Vitamin E better. Be sure not to liquify it too much or the sugar will melt when added. 10 seconds in a microwave is a great place to start.


Soften the coconut oil

Once the oil is softened, you can start adding the sugar. Keep adding and stirring the sugar until it gives you the consistency of cake batter. You can also add the Vitamin E during this process. You want it nice and thick so when the oil cools it hardens and is easier to apply in the shower.


Once you have the consistency right, start adding your essential oils. I wish I could say a particular amount but that will depend on the size of your container and how strong you want the scent to be on your skin. So add the amount that appeals to you.

Once you have it all mixed together, it’s time to get naked!

Put it in your shower and get ready to get wet! If you take showers in the morning, this is a great combination, however, if you take showers at night, you’ll want to maybe use a lavender oil mixture so you don’t perk up when you’re trying to calm down.


After use, your skin should look like this. Jump out and air dry if you can…it will allow the oil to absorb more and keep your skin soft all day.  If not, dab dry, don’t rub….trust me, your skin will thank you!

With the holidays around the corner, this also makes for a great gift or stocking stuffer!

More to come of my fav diy skincare.

Please share with me how your version turns out.


I had a dream

I had a dream, as I’m sure many women do, that I married ‘The Rock’, Dwayne Johnson.


Then I woke up. It was a difficult morning, but it’s then that I realized, not all dreams are meant to be a reality.

As a little girl, I dreamt of being a model. At 5’11.75″ tall, age 13 and weighing in at 150lbs….that dream faded. I succumbed to walking in my small town mall shows and high school fashion shows. I shifted gears and was going to join the RCMP like my father.

At age 18, I moved to Sweden and befriended a girl who had just returned from a year off of school so she could pursue her career as a model. She was what traditionally stood for a model…5’9, maybe a buck 5 in weight….and her age was on point, she was 17. This was the closest I had ever come to the real world of modeling.

When I returned back to Canada, I left for University, where I was constantly surrounded by people saying “You’re so tall, you should model”. This was 1993. So, I took myself to a local agency whose first comment was “you need to do a photoshoot”. Now, take yourself back to the early 90’s, no cell phones, no internet, no photoshop, nada… order to be a model, you had to be photogenic, otherwise, there really isn’t a purpose to the whole industry.


The results were in….I WAS PHOTOGENIC! Woohoo…now there was that dreaded weight and size issue to address…but, while I was lost in my little Canadian world of school and 2 part time jobs, this division of modeling popped up called “Plus Size”…yeah..not really the route I wanted to take, the agent said I needed to gain weight and become a size 16(I was a 12 at the time). Plus, growing up the beauties that were the ‘IT’ girls,  the Claudia Schiffers, and Cindy Crawfords and Naomi Campbells, those were models….but, opportunity knocked (not how I envisioned it) and I TOOK IT!

If you’ve followed my career at all, you know that eventually I was signed to Elite Model Management, permanently moved to the US and embraced not only the plus size industry but became an advocate for self-acceptance. I’m proud to be among the founders of this industry….not all dreams are meant to be a reality. But sometimes reality turns out better than any dream…which happened in my case.

You need to be realistic, you need to be patient, you need to understand that sometimes, dreams are put into your life to show you what could be, or how high you need to set the bar. Dwayne seems like a great guy….but he’s not meant for me. If I spent all my time and energy on trying to make it happen, I would be missing out on the blessings that God does have for me, which included a 20+ year career in front of the camera and introduced me to this guy, who helped me make our 2 beautiful boys.


I’m not saying don’t dream, just be prepared to wake up and see what reality offers.


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What is it worth?

20 years ago when I started modeling there was no internet. There was no digital photography, hell there weren’t even cell phones.

There were standards. There were requirements. There were things that every model needed to do in order to make it in the big, bad world of fashion.

Today however, if you have a smartphone, daisy dukes and aren’t afraid to show the crack of your ass, congratulations….YOU’RE A MODEL, or as some women are finding themselves, ” influencers”.

I was recently approached by an online company who represents social influencers. A social influencer is someone who has built an online following either through FB, IG or other social media platforms. These people are the ones you see getting ‘free’ products in order to share with their followers and increase the visibility of the company. In return for taking a photo with the product, you get to keep the product.

The problem here is that the company, who represents like a modeling agency, takes 70% of any fee you earn through them! 70%! The average modeling agency takes 20% and that can be negotiable depending on the talent.

The problem with being an influencer is that you are selling yourself, your time, your image, for sunglasses. Or hair products. Or a dress etc. And what is the value of these items? Retail cost $100? $39? $55??? Is that what your value is?


And what about what you have to do to get those followers? I recently came across an ‘influencer’ profile where every other photo is of her ass. Her ass alone. Her ass in pants. Her ass in velvet. Her ass in a bikini….I’d like to think this woman has more to offer than just what she sits on. But as with life, everything is open to interpretation, right?


Now, I will play devils advocate for a minute, she has over 20k followers, but what is she offering them exactly? What is she influencing them to be a part of? And the company who is giving her free stuff, THIS is how you want your company to be represented?

Have we lost our minds, ladies? I get it, sex sells, but I mean honestly, we are WAY more powerful than what the flesh represents aren’t we? All of that work our ancestors did to get us the freedoms we have today, we have to now go out and take a gazillion steps backward in order to get recognition??

Has our self-worth totally been demolished requiring us to seek validity from the thousands and thousands of male predators who surf the online outlets for free pornography? I imagine porn stars are as annoyed and the modeling industry is…their sales went down when social media went up too.

My self-worth, my legacy is worth more to me than a few IG followers. My dignity is worth more than how many likes I get or views of my video. I have 2 boys who are growing up. They say boys marry women like their mothers, and girls marry boys like their fathers? If I have no self-respect, what kind of woman are my boys likely to bring home? The answer is just not good enough.

Ladies, we need to step up and stop allowing our sisters to demean themselves just to get a few free items in return. Up your standards. Don’t support the companies who take advantage of these women who clearly have self-esteem issues.

Hold your head up high and don’t make a deal with the devil who only seeks to take advantage of your lapse in judgment ( I have faith in you!). Hold tight to the efforts made by our foresisters….and stand up to those who wish to take us down by treating us like Jezebels, but disguise it as admiration.

Our power goes beyond the physical ladies, let’s start posting sexy photos of our smarts, instead of our parts.

And that my friends, is my take on the world of social media influencers. Share your thoughts below

Full Time whatever I want

Many of you who have been following me for a bit know I LOVE NETWORK MARKETING….I’ve been doing it for 12 years..and I have no intention to stop. I’m a full-time mom, a full-time model, a full-time whatever the hell I want to be because my primary source of income comes from network marketing.
Now, has it always been that way? NO!
In the beginning, I was just breaking even. My first company was jewelry…but like ALL retail network marketing businesses, if you aren’t out selling, you aren’t making anything…then there are the discontinued items, buying the new items, because I’ll tell you, no catalog can do justice…so you HAVE to have the pieces for clients to feel, touch and try on….
After that we moved into various other companies, eventually moving into the residual income world of consumables…THE ONLY sustainable income in network marketing lies in the consumables.
My first 6 figures were earned with a company called IWG…or for some, better known as ‘those crazy wrap things’…up until this company…we had broken even with our investments but never gotten ahead.
In those first 14 months, I was hustling. I was here, I was there, I was in Miami, I was in Canada, I was doing events I was literally working full time….but, it all paid off when I got my first $6000+ dollar check. Then I got another one…then it started to dip…then I had to work harder and replace boxes where distributors quit…I had to give away my customers, long story short…the longer I was in and the more money I made, the harder I had to work…until eventually it all fell apart and I found myself rebuilding my empire for the 2nd time…
Enough was enough…I left IWG because getting to the top, is like running in a hamster wheel…for a while you feel like you’re accomplishing something, but eventually, you figure out you’re going nowhere.
I could go on and on about that one…but the long and short of this blog post is…WHEN CHOOSING THE RIGHT PART TIME JOB….THINK!!!!!
This article from about LulaRoe hits the nail on the head….if you are looking at starting a Plan B, part time job in network marketing, KNOW THIS…the retail options aren’t as good as they are being sold…..there are way more costs involved than what this article covers but the sheer concept is enough to deter me.
Residual income is the way to go…for example…imagine NOT WORKING your business for 3 months…and STILL PROMOTING, which translates into A BIGGER PAYCHECK (disclaimer made…my hubby did do a buttload of work for about 6 months getting his team settled before he left for parts unknown)!!!
Couldn’t take a day off over at IWG… (which is why so many leaders have LEFT or been arrested for domestic violence against their spouse…likely due to frustration at not being able to take a damn day off)
Yes, that is what I’m talking about…the real world of network marketing lies in residual income…
For more info…comment below or visit this link

In a world where everything changes in the blink of an eye, it’s no wonder we walk around angry, confused and bitter.  What we thought was job security was just a means to another’s end.  Our grocery bills are going up while the amount of food we get is going down.  Things that used to be good for us all of a sudden are now bad!

To fuel our way through life costs more each day without warning and in order to succeed you practically have to throw caution to the wind and go it alone.  With all of these factors working against us how is it that we are supposed to live long, healthy and happy lives?  Isn’t it a fact of nature that the more we stress the older we become?

You may ask some people how long they want to live and their answers might be surprising.  “The sooner I’m gone the better, I can’t bear to see what this world has come to any longer”.  Others may say “I want to see my great-grandchildren make a difference in this world, I want to hang on as long as I can”.  How can we guarantee longevity and happiness in a world that seems to be working against us?

Over the next 100 days I am going to try to offer you some small and some big ideas about little things you can do to change your world.  It may not stop global warming and it may not be the magic cure to all things unhealthy but I feel knowledge is power and I want you to feel powerful and live your life to achieve all things dreamed of.

I hope you’ll join me daily as we navigate together the world of uncertainty in hopes of finding our personal nirvana.

Cheers to a year of motivation, inspiration and higher elevation.  After all, they say the higher up you go, the better the view.



Tracie Stern


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